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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 20It had been six weeks now that Jay had been driving
trucks,he had enjoyed seeing the country as well as the new people he had
met.Some of them though he was not sure he cared to meet again.
But for the most part,they were a lot like him,easy going layed back and
into male sex,he never seemed to enterested in the straight's,that is unless
they wanted a blow job,then he would accomdate them.His next stop of all places was Mr Palmers plant,he was lookin forward to
laying over a couple of days to visit old friends and his folks.
He had backed in and was discussing his bill of lading when Mr.Palmer came
"Well looky here,how ya doing boy.like that new job?"He said,as he shook
Jay's hand."Sure do Mr Palmer,can't thank you enough."He said.
"Hey George,take care of his load and spot his truck over there out of the
way,lock it up and hold the key for him,"
"Sure thing Mr Palmer,"George said.Come on in boy,fill me in,sure is good to see ya."He said,as he put his arm
around him.
The two talked for over thirty minutes,all about Jay's driving,then of
course it turned to sex.
"I really miss that ass of yours boy,you getting any out there on the road?"
"I'm doing ok,"Jay smiled.Then he told him about the two guys and the boy.
"Made me feel like I was home."He laughed.Mr.Palmer had walked over behind Jay's chair as he bent over holding Jay's
head back.planting a wet kiss on his mouth,his tongue swapping out his
mouth,his hand running inside Jay's shirt,finding hid nipple,tweeking it.
Jay moaned,nipple pain had always turned him on and Palmer knew it."Get those clothes off boy,I want to be the first in that pussy before
someone else beats me to it."He laughed as he closed the blinds and locked
the door.
Jay undressed as Palmer done the same.The guy had aged a few years but his
cock was just as hard as ever.Once again the hugged,swapping tongue again,there cocks making love to one
another as they rubbed themselves together.
Palmer had reach around working a big finger up Jay's ass as he spread his
legs more giving him better access.Jay was playing with Palmers cock and balls as they kissed,enjoying the
finger raping his ass.
Finally Palmer pulled away,cleared the desk telling Jay to sat back on it.
As Jay complied, lifting his legs,Palmer knelt,opened Jay's cheeks and began
to eat his ass as he had done so many times before.It seemed to Jay that Palmer was more desperate than before,he acted lika
starving kiddy porn lolita pedo man as he sucked,tongues and licked hard lolitas pics info
on his male pussy.
"uuummm,slurp,golp,pant,pant, uuuummm,suck,suck!"
Jay thought for a minute the man was actualy suck his ass inside out.Finally,he let up,stood then moved between Jay's legs as he guided his cock
to the hole he had just enjoyed devouring.
Jay's legs were on Palmers shoulders as the guy held them high ramming his
big Greek cock in and out of that pussy he had fucked for so many years."Damm kid,that pussy is as tight as ever,you always was a good fuck."Palmer
said,pantin heavier now.
Palmer had each of Jay's nipples between his thumbs and fingers,pinching
hard as he pulled on them.
The pain was sending Jay's mind in a whirls as he tried to hunch his ass to
meet Palmers thrust."Thats it boy,wiggle that ass,you like hot lolitas model pic the ole mans cock huh,yeah,hell yes
you do,you've had enough of it.Grunt!Grunt!,uh!uh!Gonna cum you little
fucker,gonna cum up you ass pretty boy!Aaaahhhh!
HIs body jerked in spasms three,then four times as he purted his cream up
Jays male cunt.He finally collapsed on top of Jay,breath fast,trying to catch his breath.
"Damm Jay,That was better than ever,you sure lo bbs nude lolitas
you don't want to go to work
for me?"
"Hell Sam,I couldn't take it,what with my dad,Ned,Joe,Yayne and russian lolita models mpegs you,no
counting the othere,you guys would fuck me to death."Jay panted.Palmer began sliding down,Jay knew what he wanted and moved his ass closer
to the edge as the man went after his ass once again,sucking for his cum,it
was a thing with these Greek guy,that sucking the cum from your ass.
When he was done,Palmer remained on the floor as Jay stood,placed his half
hard cock in his mouth and began to piss in spurts,giving the guy time to
swallow.When he was ready to leave,Plamer gave him a set of key's,take that caddie
out there,you've earned it."
Thanks Sam,I'll bring it back first thing in the morning."
"No need to,unless you just want to park it here,it's yours."
"Damm Sam!Thanks,thanks a lot!"Jay said as he ran down the steps,jumped in
the car and headed for home.His mom was in the kitchen when he got there,waiting for his dad to come
"That you honey?"She called out.
As Jay entered the kitchen door he saw his mom standing there in only her
panties,he had already called out as he came in,"It sure is!""Gosh mom,I'm sorry,I should have called."He stammered.
She rushed across,hugged him,kissing his face all over then planted her lips
on his mouth.
"Why should you be sorry son,you've seen me naked before."She said,smiling.
"I know,but I'm grown up now mom."he said,but still held her.He tried to fight it,but his cock had already became hard,partly from not
being satisfied at Palmers and part from seeing her naked body.It made him
think back to when they had had sex.
His dad walked in as they still hugged.
"Well,look here,my two favorite people,how ya doing son?"He said,as he to
kissed him,then his mom.Jay watched as his dad began sucking on his mom's tits,nibbling on her erect
nipples,evedently they had planned to get it on as soon as he came home.
"Look,you two do what you planned,I'll just go take a shower."Jay said,and
started for his old bedroom.His dad grabbed his arm saying,uh-huh,we'll all do what we planed,just like
old times."
Naw dad,mom don't want to do that."Jay said.
"Who say's I don't,let me speak for myself."She said,taking his arm.
Jay was excited himself,he just didn't want to admit it.They all wound up in the bedroom naked as his mom lay back on the bed
holding her arms out to him.
Reluctonlly,he lay on top of her as he wrapped her arms around his
neck,kissed him and began to swapping tongues.She began to lolita underage cp pics gently press down on his shoulders,forcing his head down
between her thighs.Jay could smell the aroma of her pussy mixed with her
anus as his tongue went to work.
"The kid still knows how to do it huh Trina."His dad laughed.
It wasn't long before she was filling his mouth with her joy juice,Jay was
really excited as the taste rang a bell,slurping up every drop as he cleaned
her pussy up."She fianlly pushed him away and got up,"I'll leave you two to have your
fun."She said and scuuried from the room.
His dad pulled him down beside him,covering his lips in a heated kiss,his
hands all over his body.
"Damm boy!I've missed you,been fucking you uncle and cousin,but there not
near as good a fuck as you."They turned,forming a sixty nine,engulfing one anothers cocks.Jay had to
admit,he had missed his dad's dick to.
They would suck awhile,then each would tongue the others ass.
"Aw hell boy,I need some of that ass!"His dad said,as he turned back,laying
between Jay's legs,lifting them up as Jay pulled them down beside his head.His dad quickly slid up his chute,fucking slow and easy,not wild like
Palmer,Jay wasn't sure which he liked the best,slow or wild.
HIs dad must have fucked him a good fifteen minute before empting his load
up his male cunt,now it was his turn as his dad went down on his
cock,sucking jay to a tremendous climax,sucking his cum up with greed.He was surprised that his dad had not sucked his cum from his ass,but never
pushed it.
Later he showered and when he headed for bed,he heard the springs squeaking
in there bedroom.
Looking in,his mom lolicon hentai games nude
was on her knees behind his dad.She had a huge rubber
cock straped on and was pile driving his male cunt,ramming hard and
fast,making him groan.
"How you like it you basturd?You like mamma's dick up your ass you piece of
shit!"She growled.
His dad was eating it up,her talking that way was driving him nuts.Jay shook his head and went to bed,next morning he was up before anyone
else,dressed,left a note and headed for his truck.It had been fun,but down
deep it still bugged him about having sex with his mom.His dad?Hell,he could
live with that,in fact he enjoyed it.The more his dad fucked him,the more he
loved him......Go figure, huh....
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